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For Horizon funding(i. 3: Ethics issues (legal elements) in H Actions post-award phase Djordje Markez, University of Banja Luka. 1 Bruno Mourenza 2. This 200 day limit does not apply to ERC experts; days worked under an expert contract concluded with the ERC do, however, count towards the 200 day limit for contracts issued by the European Commission and its other funding bodies. 3 • Ethics is a consideration for all EU funded projects in all research domains • Ethics are integral to all research, from beginning to end • Considering ethics: – Ensures it is within the legal framework – Enhances the quality of research (e. Ethics in H Researchers misconduct. Ethics Self-Assessment step by step Page 5 of 19 With regard to medical studies, the Declaration of Helsinki3 sets the ethics framework for research, specifying the main principles for medical research (e.

H-ITN- Coordinators Day Ethics & Research Integrity Timea BALOGH Research Executive Agency Unit REA-A1. Introduction:The scientific evaluation and the ethics assessment are twoseparate processes in Horizon. self-assessment 2. in the Ethics Self-Assessment –Part B The elaboration must contain confirmation that the proposer is fully aware of the ethical issues involved in the proposed research They must also state that they are familiar with the relevant legislation and ethical standards expected in H proposals. Each proposal considered for funding is subject to an ethics review. 2 Report on Dissemination Activities, Public Participation and Awareness (1st version). Periodic reports - H Online Manual. The beneficiaries must carry out the action in compliance with: (a) ethical principles (including the highest standards of research integrity and including, in particular, avoiding fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or other.

It helps researchers decide if their projects have. Ethics Checks and Audits ETHICS SELF-ASSESSMENT. These tools come recommended by us and provide thousands of euros worth of consultancy advice for the price of a book. Funding & Tenders Portal - H Online Manual. H Rules for Participation.

assessment Submission Evaluation (merit) Grant preparation Project execution. When submitting a proposal to Horizon, all applicants are required to complete an. It is obligatory, in line witharticle 34 of the Grant Agreementon ‘Ethics’. The aim of the present manuscript is to raise awareness and familiarize researchers with the ethics review of research proposals, as conducted in the EC, through the eyes of two ethics experts. ARTICLE 34 - ETHICS. Step 2: Ethics Review. My Area - User account & roles. On 4 August, a new release of the Participant Portal Grant Management Service (PPGMS) has implemented the Nagoya Protocol for on-going and future Horizon projects.

These guidelines are designed to help applicantsin getting your proposal ‘ethics-ready’ for Horizon funding(i. Louiza KALOKAIRINOU, PhD Policy Officer Ethics and Research Integrity Sector DG Research Innovation European Commission. H Grants Manual: May 4 III. The deliverables can be sorted by clicking on the title of the relevant column. ethics clearance NO ethics issues Ethics issues well addressed and documents provided Proposal receives conditional ethics clearance negative ethics. TN1302: BESTPRAC Meeting Date WG3. Project Management in H projects • Project management -> is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet the.

request and on your behalf comply with the GDPR and the H ethics standards. GDPR and Its Impact on the Ethics Review Process Albena Kuyumdzhieva, PhD Programme Manager Ethics and Research Integrity Sector, SAM, DG RTD, European Commission Research in Human Beings 3. Firstly, the stages of the ethics review process are described, which is performed with the assistance of independent ethics experts. 1 Marketing, Dissemination plan, and Dissemination material D9. For more information on ethics, see the ethics section of the manual.

Where you share with consortium partners the responsibility for processing personal data collected in the course of your research project, your project may have joint data controllers. Our ethics appraisal scheme includes: an ethics self-assessment (in your proposal) an ethics review (see below) ethics checks and audits (during the project and up to 2 years afterwards if necessary). Horizon – Section 5.

Key International Guidance on Ethics in Research. In this case, you and your partners must set out your. Horizon & Ethics. 2 Manual for Researchers: Ethics and Gender issues 07/019 Document Information Grant Agreement : 822688 Project Title:. The Office of Research Ethics will assist UCD researchers in completing the ethics component of their H and other grant applications, the Ethical Issues Table and the Ethics Self-Assessment in particular. Data Protection for H projects: How to Ensure Ethics Compliance Albena Kuyumdzhieva, PhD Programme Manager Ethics and Research Integrity Sector,.

The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual Authored by experienced compliance and ethics professionals, The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual provides detailed analysis as well as practical tools, checklists, and sample policies and procedures to help you build an effective compliance and ethics program. Ethics Self-assessment 2. The ethics assessment follows the scientific evaluation and is performed only in case your project has been accepted for funding. The Ethics Appraisal procedure concernsall activitiesfunded within the Horizon programme. They are a must read for any SME seeking to gain Horizon funding. The Ethics Appraisal Procedure concerns all activities funded in Horizon and includes the Ethics Review Procedure, conducted before the start of the project, as well as the Ethics Checks and Audits.

The Ethics Appraisal Process •2. The Ethics Appraisal Process. Ethics Manual and Guidelines for land BCPs D9. EU Login; Roles & access rights. Ethics Appraisal, overview Call deadline Ranking Grant signature Project end 1. For the H programme, an independent expert may work for up to 200 days in any four year period. H Online Manual. GDPR and Its Impact on the Ethics Review Process Albena Kuyumdzhieva, PhD Programme Manager Ethics and Research Integrity Sector, SAM, DG RTD, European Commission.

They provide help both with the ethics issues tablein Part A and the ethics self-assessment in Part B of your proposal (see the proposal templateson the This document is however no more than a ‘how to’ guide. H Online Manual Information on Ethics Additional Guidelines 1. Page 1 of 22 Del. When preparing a proposal, it is required to conduct an Ethics Self-assessment starting with the completion of an Ethics Issues Table. requirements will need to be assessed by the researcher(s). Ethics in Horizon. H regulation: Article 19 "Ethical principles". Horizon Projects: Ethics Compliance under GDPR Albena Kuyumdzhieva, PhD Programme Manager Ethics/Research Review Ethics and Research Integrity Sector, SAM.

Ethics review Security scrutiny Grant signature Grant management h2020 ethics manual Keeping records Amendments Reports & h2020 ethics manual payment. Ethics Officers are informed when an Ethics deliverable is submitted; Scientific Officers are also informed when deliverables (except Ethics deliverables) are submitted. The Ethics Appraisal Procedure concerns all activities funded in Horizon and includes the Ethics Review Procedure, conducted before the start of the project, as well h2020 ethics manual as the Ethics Checks and Audits.

The details of the entire process are explained in the H Manual, which contains a section on the Ethics Appraisal Procedure. radioactive material, manuals for the production for toxic materials, critical infrastructural vulnerabilities). protection of life, health, dignity, integrity,. Application h2020 ethics manual phase. Critical ethics issues (additional information might be necessary) Ethical issues partially addressed. All actions are automatically saved (therefore there&39;s no Save button). Practical guidance for recipients of EU research funding has been made available on the Participant Portal under the Ethics section of the H Online Manual. Our partnership with H Manuals is born from our responsibility to point SMEs toward the most helpful resources available.

RRI) • Strong connection between research ethics and human rights. The need for the ethical scrutiny of research has influenced the development of guidelines, exemplified by the successive versions of the World Medical Association’s international code on research ethics, the Declaration of Helsinki (1964). Ethics Review consisting of Ethics Pre-Screening/Screening and Ethics Assessment 3. The aim is h2020 to ensure that the provisions on ethics in theH regulations and in the Rules for Participationare respected. It is the applicants&39; responsibility to identifyany potential ethical issue, to handlethe ethical aspects of the proposal and to detailhow these aspects will be addressed.

Relevant H EU legislation & guidelines are available on H Ethics web portal The information provided in this document is not exhaustive and its purpose is to steer researchers towards specific requirements only. to identify and deal correctly with any ethics issues that may arise from it). Etica h mourenza 1. 1: Ethics Ethics Self-Assessment Template (for UCD applicants only) 1 of 5 NOTE: This template can be used by UCD researchers who have entered any ethical issues in the ethical issue table in the proposal forms and is applicable to Irish jurisdiction only. under Horizon is called the Ethics Appraisal Procedure and it consists of: 1. All the research and innovation activities carried out under Horizon shall comply with ethical principles and relevant national, Union and international legislation, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights and its Supplementary Protocols. 5 Submit a proposal attempt to discuss your proposal with persons you believe may act as expert evaluator for the Summary This section explains: how you can submit a proposal Key points We will treat your proposal confidentially, as well as any related information, data, and.

H2020 ethics manual

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